How to Beat the Office Bitch?

Are your colleagues at office playing dirty with you? Here is how to win in the work war-zone!

Are your colleagues at office playing dirty with you? Here is how to win in the work war-zone!

Who isn’t aware of office politics games? You know the games that you always find being played by your colleagues in order be a number uno and to stay ahead of you and everybody? The only rule of this game is “treat your fellows badly and they’d move out your way themselves”.
Hey you ALL victims! Can you fight back without fighting dirty? If Yes? You are certainly the one who doesn’t take the pressure to perform against your competitors but by any chance if No! and you came across the “DIRTY TACTICS” that I’m listing

below then act on its “ FIGHT BACK “ and win your battle without fighting bad … so here we go!

They ask for your help with a project and then pass your ideas off as theirs.

Fight Back: This is their totally flattering, next time if they ask for your help, tell them you love to help them out but presenting your ideas yourself. You know their intricacies? You do right? Then why waste their valuable time in explaining them? Genius!

They email you to highlight a mistake you’ve made and copy in your boss.

Fight Back: Don’t ever hit ‘’ reply all ‘’ and rant. Go confront them face- to- face and that’d give you the upper hand because remember here they are the ones who are cowards and not you for they are hiding behind an email. Explain them that if they have a problem, you’d rather love they were direct with you and watch them blush... Don’t step out without watching them blush, I insist!


They tell your boss why you are late? Cause you drank too much the other night and how bad your hangover is today.

Fight Back: This one’s designed to make you look irresponsible so work extra hard today to show that your social life doesn’t affect your concentration levels. Gently inform your workmate not to expose your dirty laundry in public if they still continue to do so which is making you hurtful and damaging your record then you need to stop sharing your secrets with them.

POSTED BY eesstee On 2012-03-09
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